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Finger in the Dyke Tour II bike routes Amsterdam

Continuation of Finger in the Dyke Tour I

A, do not indicate sights but the route.

B. Nauerna. While some of the houses are newly constructed, most are 19th century. Still typical dyke settlement, built along the winding dyke-top road. Form the road, the houses appear to be single storey, but don’t be fooled there’s more below than meets the eye, opening up onto the lower-level land behind the dyke.

C. The North Sea Canal was not built by excavation: there was water here already. Instead, two parallel dykes were built in the middle of the estuary, and the rest of the estuary was reclaimed. In other words, the estuary shrunk into the canal it is today. On either side of the canal are polder strips – between the new canal dyke and the mediaeval sea dyke – dating form the 1870s. This pattern can be found at several places throughout the Amsterdam region: an isolated sea-dyke with different landscapes on either side. Since the 1950s, the polders have been increasingly used for industrial development.

D, do not indicate sight but the route.

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