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Channelroute IV bike routes Amsterdam

Continuation of Channelroute III

A. Koninklijk Paleis op de Dam (Royal palace at Dam square). Build in 1655 as City Hall, that also had the function as court with cells. This ‘eighth wonder of the world’ had to represent the wealth and prestige of the city of Amsterdam.
B. Channel museum Theatermuseaum (Theater museum)(1617-1638). Herengracht 168. Open: Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 13-17. Exists of several buildings. See the beautiful marble hallway with stucco reliefs, the oval staircase and the garden of Herengracht 168. The neighbouring house Barolotti (1618) is built in the Dutch renaissance style. The house front is unique because it follows the curve of the channel.
C. Westerkerk (1613). In its time this used to be the largest Protestant church of the world. The highest spire of the city (85m) with an imperial crown on top. Emperor Maximiliaan from Austria of the Holy Roman Empire gave the right of his crown to the city in 1489.
D. Anne Frank House. During the German occupation in the year 1942 the family Frank went into hiding in the back house of Prinsengracht 263, where Anne writes her diary.
E. Bloemengracht. At numbers 87-91 a triple stairs front dating from 1642.
F. Torensluisbrug. Has fundamentals and dungeons dating from the previous Jan Rodenpoortstoren, one of the clock towers of the city wall dating from 1480, at the Singel. The tower was so crooked that it has been demolished in 1829. You can still see the bars of the dungeon. At the bridge there is a statue of the 19th century socialistic writer Multatuli(1820-1887).
G. Singel 166. Smallest house at the channels: 1.80m.
H. Noordermarkt. Flea market on Mondays, biological market on Saturdays. The octagonal North Church has been build in 1620.
I. Western Islands. After the city expansion in the 17th century, the Bickers, Realen and Prinsen Islands where created with shipyards, warehouses, workplaces and houses for workers. Nowadays it is a beloved neighbourhood to live in.
J. Bicycle Flat. This enormous bicycle parking is build on poles that stand in the water, has three storeys and can have 2500 bicycles.

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