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Channelroute III bike routes Amsterdam

Continuation of Channelroute II

A. Channel museum Van Loon (1672). Keizersgracht 672. Open: Fri-Mon 11-17. This double canal house, house of the family van Loon, has been a museum since 1973. Ferdinand Bol, student of Rembrandt, was the first inhabitant. The interior from the 18th century has barely changed. Family portraits, furniture, silver, porcelain and a beautiful garden with coach-house.
B. Foam, Photographic museum Amsterdam. Various exhibitions: from documentary to fashion, contemporary and historical.
C. Gebouw de Bazel (1923). Architect De Bazel has not only designed the outer building but he also designed the interior and some of the Furniture. Since 2006 the Amsterdam City archive has been located in this building.
D. Rijksmuseum (1885). During the reconstruction that is taking place you can still visit most of the masterpieces of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals and Jan Steen.

E. Gouden Bocht (Golden curve). This part of the Herengracht has the biggest and most of the time double mansions.
F. Bloemenmarkt (flowermarket). This market exists since 1862 and used to be a real ‘floating market’. Here you can buy the famous tulips from Amsterdam: real flowers, plastic ones or made of wood.
G. Five different house fronts next to each other: Herengracht 361 has a house front with stairs (‘trapgevel’), Herengracht 363 has a list front (‘lijstgevel’). The two houses next to those both have clock shaped front (‘klokgevel’) and Herengracht 369 has another type of front called ‘Halsgevel’.
H. Channel museum Bijbels Museum (1662) (Biblical museum). Herengracht 368. Open Mon-Sat 10-17, Sun 11-17. Two channel mansions with old sealing paintings and a kitchen in original state. Archaeological excavations from Egypt and the Middle East, Jewish and Christian religious objects and a collection of Bibles starting from the medieval. Beautiful garden with Biblical plants and a pond.
I. Channel museum Huis van Marseille (1665). Keizersgracht 401. Open: Tue-Sun 11-17. Build by a French trader. The front shows the harbour of Marseille. One of the rooms has an original sealing painting from 1731. Since 1999 this is a photographic museum with international expositions. Library, Media kitchen and a garden with pavilion.
J. Woonbootmuseum (1665)(Houseboat museum). Your chance to see the inside of a houseboat. The ‘Hendrika Maria’ was build in 1914 as sailing freighter and transformed to a houseboat.

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