Bike Rental in Amsterdam 9 Straatjes

“De 9 Straatjes” stays for the 9 streets. You can find these wonderful 9 Straatjes of Amsterdam in the middle of the centre. The 9 Straatjes include the streets: Gasthuismolensteeg, Oude Spiegelstraat, Wijde Heisteeg, Hartenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Huidenstraat, Reestraat, Berenstraat and last but not least the Runstraat. The 9 Straatjes are in the centre of all the must see locations of Amsterdam, think of The Anne Frank House, The Damsquare, Central Station and Leidsesquare. The streets are monumental and offer a lot of authentic shops and special bars and cafés!

Museums near The 9 Straatjes

When you rent a bike at our 9 Straatjes locations you can do some museum hopping in Amsterdam! The 9 Straatjes are located in the centre of Amsterdam, which brings a lot of benefits. An example of museums you can visit on a rental bike are: The House of Marseille, The Biblemuseum, The Anne Frank House and The Houseboat museum.* Visit the craziest museums you can think of on a rental bike of Black Bikes!
*all the museums mentioned above are located within 500 metres from The 9 Straatjes. You can reach the museums best on a rental bike!

Shopping with your rental bike

The 9 Straatjes are known for their authentic shops. The streets have shops that you will not find everywhere, that’s what makes shopping in the 9 Straatjes so special! You can decide to rent a bike in the 9 Straatjes and cycle around on your rental bike while you’re shopping in these wonderful streets.

Best souvenirs out of Amsterdam

Not only your pictures of this big city will be great, the souvenirs you’re bringing back with you will be even better! The Black Bikes rental shop in the 9 Straatjes is selling a lot of “bike souvenirs” that might be useful for you to have! The bike rental at 9 Straatjes sells bells in all colours, that are especially made for people to place on their bikes! Other useful things that you can buy at the bike rental shop are saddle covers. Saddle covers are being sold in all kind of colours!


When you’re visiting the 9 Straatjes don’t hesitate to rent a bike!