Rent a bike in Amsterdam at our Black Bikes city centre shop! The city centre is near the famous Damsquare. This square is a big historical square in The Netherlands. In front of the Damsquare there’s the Dam Palace. The Dam Palace is a monumental must see of Amsterdam and is highly recommended to go to (on a rental bike)!

Rental bike fun

If you’ve not been riding around in the city on your rental bike, you have not seen Amsterdam as a local would! Rent a bike at the city centre location to cycle in the centre of Amsterdam. Experience Amsterdam in the best way possible!

Feeling like a local on a rental bike

Black Bikes has something that all the other Amsterdam bike rentals don’t have, the real Dutch bikes. In Amsterdam no one has to know that you’re a tourist that’s just rented a bike, because you’re just experiencing the city on a black bike! Go travel around in the city on the rental bikes and find all the mysterious things in Amsterdam that no tourist book tells you about.

The centre of Amsterdam

The centre of Amsterdam is big and has a lot things to see. If you want to see it all in a day, it’s best to rent a bike! The bikes will bring you everywhere you want to go and you will be able to stop at places you want to see yourself!
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