Rent a bike in Amsterdam Rembrandtplein

Rembrandtplein is one of the most popular places of Amsterdam, not only for the locals, but also for tourists! You can discover a lot of night life experiences on Rembrandtplein, what can be even more fun is discovering this part of Amsterdam on a rental bike!

The Rembrandtplein is located near the famous Flowermarket of Amsterdam. The Rembrandtplein has a lot of things to do, there is enough choice for everyone! The Rembrandtplein is a busy street during the day, and will even be busier at night. The square has a lot of choices for people who’d like to experience the nightlife in Amsterdam.

Clubbing in Amsterdam

The Rembrandtplein is a big square and exists out of a lot nightlife experiences. You can go to a club to experience clubbing in Amsterdam, but you may also like to visit the casino. There are all kind of clubs in Amsterdam, doesn’t matter what kind of music taste you have, there will be a club that you’d like to go to!

Touristic tours

When you rent a bike at Black Bikes bike rental Rembrandtplein, you can experience a lot of tourist attractions in Amsterdam! There are a lot of things to do that are easy to reach by bike. When you rent a bike in on our location at Rembrandtplein you are near to a lot of attractions, for example: The Amsterdam IceBar, The Rembrandt House, The Amsterdam Dungeon and a lot more!

Discovering Rembrandtplein itself

If you’re visiting our bike rental shop at Rembrandtplein, you will have to stop by the square itself first. The Rembrandtplein is known for its statues on the square. The statue of Rembrandt is the oldest statue of Amsterdam. It’s the man in the centre of the fighting statues. The fighting statues are from the famous Rembrandt its painting called ‘The Nachtwacht’. It’s a very special thing to see especially when you’re city hopping on a rental bike!

Come discover Amsterdam on a rental bike!