Did you know that 84% of the people in The Netherlands own a bike? Now you do!

Cycling is very important for the people in The Netherlands, a bicycle brings them from place to place. Therefore it is very important to make sure you’re following the rules. The rules are made to protect people and support safety. When you’re riding a rental bike you should obey the rules.

The most common rules, for riding a rental bike, in The Netherlands are:

– When riding a rental bike, obey the traffic lights.
– Only rent a bike when you know how to use one.
– Don’t lock your rental bike to trees, traffic lights or bridges.
– Pay attention to the other road users.

Now you know the most common rules. Enjoy your safe ride on the rental bike!

Instructions for safe cycling

You have to stay alert and watch out for traffic like trams, taxis and buses. Don’t ride like the locals do, but use traffic signs and obey red lights. Police may fine you for riding on the pavement, jumping red lights or when you don’t give way where required.

Instructions for locking 

You must never leave your rental bike unlocked, even if it’s for a really short moment. Always lock your Black Bike to something unmovable, preferably a bicycle rack using both locks: one through the back wheel and one around the frame through the front wheel attached to the solid base.

Instructions for parking

Don’t park your rental bike in front of Central Station, or Dam Square, Leidse Square or in the middle of pavements or pedestrian walkways. Do not leave any valuables on your bicycle.  Use common sense and you will not experience any problems and Amsterdam will prove to be a fantastic place for you and your Black Bike