Black Bikes is the biggest bike rental place in Amsterdam. With 12 locations in the centre of the city, Black Bikes rents a lot of bicycles every day. The company is opened all days a week and has the longest opening hours of the city.

Black Bikes is a company that’s owned by Het Zwarte Fietsenplan, one of the biggest bike retailers of The Netherlands. That’s why all the rental bikes of Black Bikes are made of good quality, they come from a quality selling company.

When you rent a bike at Black Bikes you never have to fix problems with the rental bikes on your own! We have 12 shops in Amsterdam where you can bring you bike to. To ensure you will not lose any of your valuable time, you will get another bike!

Black Bikes rental stands for service and quality. All the rental bikes of Black Bikes are handmade and of course the rental bikes are made with love, that’s what makes Black Bikes special!