Black Bikes is the place to be to rent your bike in Amsterdam!

    With our 12 locations we can call ourselves the biggest bike rental of Amsterdam. To become big you first need to be great, and that’s what we are. Our bike rental services stand for quality, honesty and comfortableness. We want our customers to be enthusiast to rent a bike at Black Bikes.

    We have all kind of rental bikes in our bike shops. The most common one is the handbrake bike we rent. This bicycle is known by a lot of people and probably also the one you may know. Except for the handbrake bikes we also rent a lot more bikes. Some of the bikes we rent aren’t as famous as the handbrake bike, but if you like an adventure, they may be worth trying?

    At Black Bikes we rent pedal brake bikes; you may know them as coaster brake bikes. Then we also rent bicycles especially made for tall men, so even if you’re a tall person, biking around in Amsterdam can be fun for you!
    The other special bikes we rent are bikes made for children, cargo bikes, tandem bikes for adults & children, and we also rent small bikes for people who aren’t as tall as most Dutch people. The Dutch are known for very tall people, so if you’re looking for a smaller bike than normal to rent, Black Bikes still is the place to be.
    We’re always aiming to keep all consumers happy just by giving something extra! Not only the colour of our rental bikes is what’s making us special, the kind of bikes for rent we have are also very unique. Black Bikes is the bike rent company of Amsterdam with the biggest assortment!

    Don’t wait any longer, and choose a rental bike!